Inaugural Post

The idea

There's one thing that's inherently strange about starting a new blog: You write for a crowd that isn't there. But then there's the general question if a blog really needs an audience. Anyway, here are some initial facts about this site:

The main reason why I put this out is that I'd like to have a place on the net that isn't Facebook, Google+, Twitter or else. Some place one can find the necessary information how to contact me through various channels, and maybe pick up some news on what I'm currently doing.

The second purpose of this blog is documentation of my work. It will probably never be complete or extensive and it will most definitely be updated on a highly irregular basis. But as a developer I stumble upon the occasional interesting problem every now and then. And instead of just solving (or not) and then forgetting about it, I'd like to start start getting into the habit of putting it out there as a future reference, for me and possibly others.

The machinery

The whole thing runs on the Nikola_ blogging engine. I hadn't used it before, but when looking around there were a couple of things I liked about it:

  • It creates static pages from text files which is just what I need.
  • I can feed it RST, Markdown and even plain HTML.
  • Text files make versioning and maintenance incredibly easy.

Due to its static nature, it doesn't have a built in comments system. But I don't feel I need comments right from the start. In the future I might add something like Discourse or Isso.

For front end nerds: The theme is built using Twitter Bootstrap v3, Jinja2, SASS and Grunt. The font is Aleo by Alessio Laiso_ Update: I've decided to move away from using a custom font.

.. _Nikola: